Studio Policy

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Studio Policy

Lessons- Each student will meet for a 1/2 hour private lesson one time per week. Students are expected to arrive five minutes early, with all of their lesson materials (bring all materials every week!) & sit & listen quietly for a couple of minutes to the student ahead of them. A small bag and a lined spiral notebook for weekly assignments should be included in lesson materials. Please have students come directly and very quietly into the studio when they arrive. It is not necessary for them to knock or ring the bell. It is very important that each student arrive on time. Students who arrive late will still end at the designated time, so that the following students are not inconvenienced. Also, please have your student wash their hands, clip their nails, & use the restroom before coming to lessons, as having them take time out to do this during their lesson robs them of valuable lesson time. 

Practicing- Piano students must have a tuned, functional piano, or a full-size 88-key piano- weighted keyboard available for practice. Guitar students are required to have a guitar and a tuner. All students will need to purchase music flashcards and a metronome.

All students & parents must sign a practice promise agreement. For beginners, 20 minutes per day, 5 days a week is required, 30 minutes for intermediate students, & 45-60 minutes for advanced students. Parents are to set & enforce a daily practice time (offering incentives is a fun way to encourage your student). Parents will be notified if their student comes unprepared or is having trouble progressing in a reasonable manner. For homeschooled students, credit will not be given if child arrives unprepared more than two times per semester.

Books and Materials- For the convenience of all students, teachers will order & purchase lesson books & materials as needed. Reimbursement for all materials will be required upon receipt. Beginners will be required to purchase a metronome & music flashcards. The small bag & lined notebook should be brought from home. A steno pad works best for assignments (spiral, 1/2 size, opens from the bottom).

Recitals- Recitals are a delightful part of musical study. Not only is there the joy of performing for others, but students are inspired by others, learn poise, confidence, perseverance, & experience the joy of hard work rewarded. Recitals will be held each year in March. All students are required to perform, & family/friends are encouraged to come & cheer on their student.

Fees-  Due the 1st of each month. The Anderson Music Studio Tuition Fee is divided into 11 equal installments of $120 per month for half hour lessons/$180 per month for 45 minute lessons, payable at the first of each month, August through June. This is a policy recommended by the Music Teacher’s National Association (MTNA). A late fee of $10 will be assessed for fees not received by the 5th of each month.

Students will most often have four lessons in a month. In some months, there may be five lessons, for which there is no additional charge. During the months with Anderson Music Student Break Periods (see below), there may be less than four lessons in a month.

The Studio Tuition installments will NOT be reduced during Studio Break Periods, student vacations or absences during the school year. You are paying for your student's monthly slot, NOT each lesson.

During the month of July, lessons will be billed based on the weekly schedule, allowing for student/teacher vacations. Prior notification of dates that will be missed during the month of July is appreciated.

The Studio Tuition Fee does NOT include music books or materials. These are due upon receipt.

Cancellations/Missed Lessons- Missed/cancelled lessons will NOT be credited or deducted from student tuition.  Your student is paying for their place in our studio schedule, and will need to prioritize accordingly.  Tuition will be reimbursed for teacher illness/non-scheduled breaks in schedule.


Discontinuation of Lessons- When a student is going to discontinue lessons, a two-week notice is required.

Studio Vacation Periods- The Studio will be closed on the following dates:

Thanksgiving Break        November 23-25, 2022

Christmas Break             December 23, 2022 - January 4, 2023

Easter Break                    April 9-15, 2023


Contact Information-
Tamara Anderson - Piano Teacher (831) 346-2467
Gary Anderson - Guitar Teacher (805)824-3551