How Long Should I Practice?


This is the famous first question! And the answer is kind of ambiguous!  First of all, we call it "playing" an instrument, so we want it to stay fun, right?  I often encourage our students to practice each assigned piece 3 times each day (5 days a week).  That allows them to play it very slowly while working on the current needed skill (i.e. naming notes, keeping finger tips firm, counting or singing while playing), play it again to "Listen" so that it sounds pretty (adding in dynamics, staccatos & phrasing, for instance), & then simply play it for the "Joy" of it!  Enjoy!  So, honestly, there isn't a perfect length of time to practice...but rather a perfect WAY to practice.  Practicing should be consistent (even shoot for the same time daily) & should be done in a way that the musician remembers they are learning to PLAY the instrument, not work it.