Some Tools ARE Better Than Others


What do you really need in order to be successful in learning a new instrument? 

The first thing every student needs is excitement! Build excitement in your student's mind by listening & interacting with lots of genres of music.  Talk about how fun it would be to be one of the musicians!  What else does a student need?  A well-working instrument comes in handy.  Although I (Tami) started piano lessons before I had a piano...we wouldn't suggest this.  For piano students a piano-weighted 88 key piano/keyboard with at least one pedal is a must.  For guitar students, acoustic or electric guitars are great! But don't buy a toy.  Make sure it fits the student's hand size & will stay consistently in tune.  Don't hesitate to ask for help when choosing your student's instrument.  You are investing in their musical abilities & want this to be a positive experience right from the beginning.  So what else?  A metronome, flashcards, tuner, picks, etc. come in handy later on...but your instructor will help you with all of this.  Lastly, you just need a great smile & a willingness to listen & follow instructions, yes, a consistent practice!