Our Teachers    

Gary Anderson

Guitar Teacher


Gary teaches guitar and currently has students ranging from beginner to accomplished and ages 7-39. Playing and learning guitar should be fun. So we use every bit of technology, gear, and media that will help you progress to the next level. Even our studios are set up with creativity and inspiration in mind. We have age appropriate curriculum that we will tailor to your ability. Whether you are age 6 or 86, we will help you reach your musical goals whether it is to play for family around the campfire, or you desire to become the next big recording artist.

Tami Anderson

Piano Teacher


I have loved singing and playing piano since I was a little girl.  In fact, I loved the piano so much that I cared for a wheelchair-bound friend in exchange for practicing on her piano for the first two years of lessons.  


I started formal lessons in the 5th grade with a wonderful woman who had her doctorate from Juilliard Conservatory.  She not only gave me the best technical and classical training, but instilled a love for excellence and joy in my music.  From there, I studied with a world-known organist at Northwestern College, and then continued my Musical Pedagogy education with the President of the Ohio Music Teacher’s Association.


Over the twenty-five plus years I have taught piano, I have had the privilege of working with students as young as four, and as old as eighty-two!  There has never been one who was not capable of learning to love playing the piano.  I am committed to teaching theory, technique, ear training, pop and classical to each of my students, as well as giving them tools to sing alongside their playing.  This allows students to learn the foundations while having the fun of playing the music they love.