This Guy Gave Away Guitar Lessons?

No fooling, we just gave away five free guitar lessons last week to the first five people to respond on Facebook- during our No Fooling' April Fool's Special that we ran. This just proved my notion that there are people of all ages who are wanting to get started playing an instrument, but for various reasons (busy, shy, don't own a guitar yet) they just hadn't taken the leap and started learning yet. For those five people, things are about to change.

My whole life has been about helping people overcome obstacles and instead of standing on the sidelines, helping folks get in the game to begin realizing that they can accomplish their goals. In that 1/2 hour we laughed, clapped out rhythm, learned to play a few chords, and made an assessment of what each student should practice to begin their musical journey with success. Each one moved forward in becoming a better guitar player.

One of those students said that they learned more in that 1/2 hour than in four months trying to be self-taught. Don't get me wrong, there are some things that I'm willing to try to learn on my own like fixing a leaky faucet or staining a deck. But those are things that you do once and then never need maintenance for years to come. Playing guitar is something that you do every day or at least several times per week. Your musical journey begins with the basics like picking, strumming, chords, notes that make up a melody, but when you begin to plateau, you need some insight into what's next. Things like pinch harmonics, soloing, jazz chords, vibrato, learning the notes on the neck, slowing things down and isolating what the pros are doing so that you can learn to sound like Foo Fighters (insert favorite band name). That is something that I've been helping teenagers do for years. I can help you whether you're 8 or 68, beginner or have gotten rusty over the years. You can benefit from taking guitar lessons!

So don't wait until next April Fool's Day to begin your musical journey. Email me to sign up for guitar lessons today!

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