Guitarist of the Month - Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry (1926-2017) was considered by many to be the father of rock 'n' roll. His musical ability first stood out when he began singing in the church choir at age 6. A few years later when he was asked to sing in a performance at his high school, he became enamored with the guitar. His vocal performance and the accompaniment of his friend on the guitar "brought the house down." He then decided to pick up the guitar for himself and thus began a career that inspired a whole new generation and sound. His passing this past March has brought a resurgence of his music and unique style and attitude that he brought to playing the guitar.

Students at Anderson Music are studying his style and technique, and are learning a few of his licks this month as the Guitarist of the Month. Consider joining us and you too can learn a few of his signature licks. We have a few select times for private lessons on guitar on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at Anderson Music of Ottawa. Contact us to get started. or 815-324-9156.

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